Lagermax was founded back in 1920. The company initially operated out of a warehouse (Lager) in Maxglan, a suburb of Salzburg, hence its name.

Lagermax quickly grew into a leading provider of freight forwarding, transport and logistics services in Salzburg. Along with its core activity of freight forwarding, the company now also provides express, parcel and scheduled deliveries as part of the DPD, AED and FASHIONET networks. Its motto " Together in motion " highlights the bonds with its customers in everyday business operations.

The company is present in 11 European countries with a total of 30 offices. As part of an expansion drive towards East and Central Europe, the company set up branches in Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia. It has more than 3,000 staff.

Lagermax moves in excess of 820,000 tonnes of international freight annually. Its car transport division, Lagermax avtotransport, carries 700,000 vehicles; the AED parcel service carries 550,000 parcels; the DPD service moves 35.8 million parcels; while the Fashionet Textile Logistics service distributes 2.5 million units each year